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Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it!
– Mark Amend

Family Law A La Carte

Partial Representation, Full Peace of Mind

Attorney Kathy Boufford

Our family law a la carte representation services were created because we want you to have peace of mind when facing your family legal issues, and we want that peace of mind to begin right away. We are here to help you get thru this tough time depending on your needs.

Divorce Matters: What You Really Need to Know When It’s Time to Get a Divorce

Going through a divorce may not be easy, but thanks to this book, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Legal problems and the idea of going to court can be scary. Contacting an attorney should not be. Give us a call or send us a message, the first phone consultation is always free.



    5.0 stars

    Kathy represented me years ago when I got divorced. I had to go back to court for minor matter, and considered representing myself; I didn't want the expense of hiring a lawyer. I called Kathy, she recommended their a-la-carte services, where she would basically help me on a limited support basis. Thank God I did this!! Kathy reviewed all my forms and made many suggestions / updates. Without her help I would have had to re-file. She then walked me thru the process, prepared me for what to expect, warned me of pitfalls, etc. I was then able to represent myself effectively and confidently. The limited fees that I paid were well worth it; they saved me time and money. I recommend having her and her team review all situations and documents, especially financial docs, or issues involving kids. The process is confusing and overwealming, and she is truly an expert. Thank you again, Kathy!!!
    Chris K.

    5.0 stars

    From the initial consultation until the final disposition of the case Kathy Boufford kept my totally updated and, I believe, brought about the best possible result for me. I absolutely thank her for her work and would, though I hope it never comes to pass, use her and her firm again.

    5.0 stars

    Kathy presents as an extremely experienced, knowledgeable and collected attorney. During a chaotic and stressful life event, having level-headed, calm, non-reactionary legal representation can make all the difference, and Kathy exemplified this. Kathy also has the ability to grasp more unique situations and more complex financial scenarios quickly, and integrate them into her overall strategy to secure as good an outcome as possible. I would say the only criticism would be one that is likely true of most successful attorneys, and that is she was sometimes less accessible than I would've liked. However, there was never a time that she didn't respond to me in a realistically timely fashion.

    5.0 stars

    Kathy has been wonderful. She has always advised me well, explained things thoroughly, and prepared me for what I could expect in court. I have always felt she is incredibly ethical, and very understanding and compassionate. I appreciate that she usually warns me about the worst case scenario, but also explains what we are hoping for, so I am prepared for either.

    5.0 stars

    Kathy Boufford provided excellent service as a Mediator in our case. Her extensive knowledge and comprehensive attention to detail allowed an extremely harrowing and distressful situation to be managed with great efficiency. It was a great comfort to have the case in her hands. I would recommend her, and her team, to anyone with the need for legal counsel.

    5.0 stars

    Kathy helped me through a difficult divorce. I always felt empowered and more confident after speaking with her and she never made me feel like my feelings or concerns were trivial. She was compassionate but also very honest regarding all likely outcomes. She was strong when it was hard for me to be strong. I am so grateful that I had her on my side during my divorce.
  • Excellent Dissolution Attorney
    Kathy Boufford and her team went above and beyond for me. Kathy exudes a combination of compassion and strength which gave me a sense of peace in an otherwise extremely stressful time in my life.
    Kathy represented me very well, always trying to achieve the best outcome for me. I found Kathy’s advice to be straightforward, clear and calming and responsive to each and every one of my concerns. I would recommend Kathy and her team to anyone who finds their marital life compromised and who needs a strong, clear thinking advocate. I am thankful for Kathy and her team for their diligent and honest work ethic.
  • Smart ~ Knowledgeable ~ Collaborative Kathy has been my attorney for many years with regard to an ongoing alimony/child support issue. She makes sure I understand all options available to me at each juncture in the process. Kathy has always worked collaboratively with me to make decisions and guide me through the process. I believe Kathy to be very smart and knowledgeable about the law and grounded with common sense which enables her to relate on different levels to different people as circumstance dictates. I have recommended Kathy to friends and acquaintances in the past and will continue to do so.

  • Would definitely recommend Kathy Kathy has been wonderful. She has always advised me well, explained things thoroughly, and prepared me for what I could expect in court. I have always felt she is incredibly ethical, and very understanding and compassionate. I appreciate that she usually warns me about the worst case scenario, but also explains what we are hoping for, so I am prepared for either.


    5.0 stars

    I've been with Attorney Boufford for 12 years!! I came to her back in 2004 because the attorney I had at that time was taking me for a ride!! I was so pleased with her I hired her on the spot and never looked back!! I highly recommend her!!! She gets things done! I'm a firm believer you get what you pay for and she's worth every cent!
  • Praise for a-la-carte services

    I’m so glad I paid you to review my court forms for me.  This process is a pain.  You knew what wording to use, you found mistakes that I had made, etc.  I would have done it wrong and the clerk would have made me re-do it.  Well worth the price.

  • Praise for a-la-carte services

    Thank you for preparing me for my hearing. You walked me through the process with family relations so I knew what to expect. I had all my paperwork in order and ready. Because of you I was able to get a favorable recommendation and we were able to work out an agreement.

  • Praise for a-la-carte services

    I was so nervous about representing myself but could not afford the services of a lawyer. Your partial representation answered my prayers because I could get help with what I needed most without going into debt. I felt much better about my situation. Thank you.



What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You. Get The Information You Need

How We Can Help

• Can I address my legal problems?
• What are my options?
• What are my chances?
• What is the process I have to go through?
• What are the costs I can expect?
• I just got served with paperwork! Now what?
• I got this far on my own, but what are the next steps?
• The judge said this…. What can I do now?

Paperwork Prep

Do Things Right The First Time

How We Can Help

• Do I have the correct forms for my legal problems?
• Did I fill out the forms correctly?
• Did I include all the required information?
• Are there terms not included on the form that I need?
• How do I write up an agreement?
• How do I write up an affidavit?

Paperwork Review

The Devil is in the details and it takes someone who’s spent a lot of time in Hell to find it and beat it out.

How We Can Help

• Do you know what you are signing?
• Do you know what the terms mean?
• Is this written correctly?
• Does it contain all the terms it should?

Hearing Prep

The Law Is Not Something You Dabble In, Cram For or Wing. Be prepared.

How We Can Help

• What can I expect at my upcoming hearing?
• What is Family Relations and what do I do there?
• How can I present my case to the judge?
• Help with getting evidence admitted
• Do I have everything I need to proceed?
• What is the judge or other party likely to ask me?
• What if I get stuck?

Discovery Help Gathering Evidence

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know….

How We Can Help

• How can I get documents or other evidence from the other party?
• What information do I have to give the other party?
• Written requests for production of documents
• Written requests for answers to questions
• Help with preparing depositions questions
• Depositions taken for you
• Help with responses to written requests for production of documents
• Help with written requests for answers to questions
• Help prepare you for your deposition

Court Appearances

Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much – Helen Keller

How We Can Help

• We appear and represent you at a specific trial.

• We appear and represent you for a particular motion.

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